Bard to Death

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Ep. 25 | Line of Best Fit

Kollin and Ryan reflect on the past six months of telling stories.

Ep. 24 | Ryan’s Failed Micro Story

Ryan tells a meta-story about trying to record a Micro Story.

Ep. 23 | “Something was writing through me.”

Kollin tells a story about pulling an all-nighter in grad school.

Ep. 22 | “Mr. Choi, will you please get in the cart?”

Ryan tells a story about working at a posh country club.

Micro Story #9 | “It’s a Dark End to Ratatouille”

Guest Bard Morgan Viehman tells a story about an unwanted house pest.

Ep. 21 | “West Side Story Without the Music”

Kollin tells a story about his first fight.

Micro Story #8 | “Mom, I broke my butt.”

Guest Bard Brittany Absher-Baer tells a story about her middle school dance.

Ep. 20 | “Cause of Death: Tempurpedic”

Kollin and Ryan tell a joint story about the worst moving day ever.

Micro Story #7 | “I still don’t know what it was.”

Guest Bard Alex Shaver tells a ghost story.

Ep. 19 | “Bail-o-wolf”

Ryan tells a story about walking in San Francisco before dawn.

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